Bee’ah commences operations in KSA

MADINAH, Saudi Arabia, 20th October, 2020 (WAM) — Bee’ah, the UAE’s leading integrated environmental, recycling and waste management company, has commenced operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after securing a contract to service the holy city of Al-Madinah Al Munawarrah The launch ceremony was attended by Fahad Al-Buliheshi, Mayor of Madinah Regional Municipality, and a number of government officials and media representatives in the region who were welcomed by Bee’ah’s leadership team, including Fahad Shehail, Group Chief Operating Officer, Sultan Al Ghamdi, Projects General Manager, and Rafael Sanjurjo Lopez, CEO of Public Cleansing & Waste Collection – Tandeef.

During the event, Fahad Shehail introduced and explained Bee’ah’s activities under the three contracts for waste management services in Madinah’s North, West and East regions that were signed back in August and highlighted the company’s scope of services in Madinah for 1.2 million people.

Contracted by Madinah Regional Municipality, Bee’ah will provide solid waste collection and transport services along with disinfection and sanitisation of 40,685 waste bins. Bee’ah’s started operations this month, with the utilisation of over 3,000 workers and 488 pieces of heavy equipment and fleet of vehicles including waste collection units, street sweepers and disposal trucks. Bee’ah will also conduct training sessions, workshops, and awareness campaigns for the public to encourage community recycling efforts.

As the region’s first fully integrated environmental management company, Bee’ah is deploying its end-to-end waste management solutions in the Kingdom based on the twin pillars of sustainability and digitalisation. The goal is to provide a comprehensive roadmap for waste services, helping transform Madinah into a sustainable city of the future.

Salim Bin Mohammed Al Owais, Group Chairman at Bee’ah, said, “Bee’ah has established itself as the Middle East’s leading waste management and environmental services company, and our reputation has led to Bee’ah’s rapid expansion across the UAE, Egypt and now in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is an immense honour to be selected as the waste management partner for Al-Madinah Al-Munawarrah and help Madinah Regional Municipality achieve its zero-waste targets through world-class operations and best practices.”

Bee’ah’s efforts in integrated waste management and zero-waste solutions complement Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals for sustainable development, which includes raising recycling rates to 85 percent.

Climate change patterns impacted by anthropogenic activities are likely have long-lasting effects on future generations. Preservation of air quality and prevention of its deterioration is hence imperative to the protection against threats posed by climate change, as well as protection of human health caused by noxious pollutants. We monitor the quality of air and help ensure air-emitting industries are meeting the established standards in accordance with national agendas and international protocols.

Our various air quality services include:
  • Sharjah’s Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  • Stack Emissions Monitoring
  • Emissions Dispersion Modeling
  • Carbon Foot Printing
  • Emission Inventories
  • Indoor and workspace Air Quality Monitoring
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