Bee’ah’s Tandeef makes its mark across the UAE

Bee’ah’s city cleaning subsidiary expands its reach with over 100 new contracts deployed to new areas across the country

UAE, Sharjah: Furthering its mission of providing sustainable solutions in waste management across the Middle East, Tandeef, Bee’ah’s city cleaning subsidiary has been awarded over 100 new industrial contracts in the region. The company’s track record of delivering outstanding services and commitment to using efficient smart solutions, state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly vehicles, have consolidated its position as a market leader and provider of choice for clients across the UAE.

Starting the year on a successful note, Tandeef has acquired several remarkable wins, including a contract in Ras Al Khaimah, marking the expansion of its operations to the northern Emirates. Tandeef’s consistent standards in performance has also led to the renewal of contracts with several notable establishments.

To meet the expanding operational and business demands, Tandeef has supplemented its 1200-strong fleet with several new vehicles. In addition to compact sweepers, highway sweepers and low-bed trailers, Bee’ah has invested in new compactor and hook loader trucks, that are compliant with Euro 5 emission standards. Tandeef has also made significant digital upgrades to its operations, intended at optimizing waste collection routes and meeting increase in waste volumes, while ensuring faster service at minimum usage of resources like fuel. In addition to meeting waste collection needs, these improvements have made the company’s functions more sustainable and environment-friendly.

These efforts have been acknowledged by clients and the public alike. Tandeef was named as the best service provider by Tadweer, the Centre of Waste Management in Abu Dhabi, and secured a client audit satisfaction score of 99.2% from Emaar. The company also received an asset management ISO 55000 certification for its services in the eastern region of Abu Dhabi. Tandeef’s ongoing commitment to excellence also resulted in the company being recognized at the Middle East Waste & Recycling Awards, under the categories of ‘Best Waste Management Company of the Year’ and ‘Best Public Awareness Campaign’.

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