New electric mobile waste collection units roll out in Sharjah

Bee’ah introduces one-seater vehicle capable of handling almost 200kg of weight

Sharjah-based environment firm Bee’ah’s waste collection and management division, Tandeef, has added Ducati electric mobile waste collection units to their existing fleet.

Developed by Ducati Energia, part of the Italian company Ducati Group, the one-seater vehicle is capable of handling almost 200kg of weight, including the driver, and can reach a speed of 5km/h.

Charging stations for the electric vehicles (EVs) will be installed at residential areas in Sharjah. The “shed style” charging stations are fully integrated in a network that connects the energy provider with the electric vehicles and comply with the highest European standards. They are also equipped with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, in addition to a remote connection linked to the central office, to monitor the fleet and its operation.

The innovative electric vehicle (EV), which is billed as the first of its kind in the UAE, is the most recent addition to the Bee’ah’s existing line of electric vehicles. The deployment of the electric mobile waste collection units coincides with Bee’ah’s strategy to make its entire fleet environmentally friendly.

At present, Bee’ah has an overall fleet of 1,200 vehicles, which are controlled by a smart fleet management system that helps to optimise consumption of resources and operations.

The efficiency of electric mobile waste collection units also contributes to the improvement of workplace standards and safe practices by limiting the number of employees working manually under direct sunlight.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Bee’ah Group CEO, said: “Bee’ah is aiming to make its entire fleet run on clean energy over the next few years. This new fleet furthers the company’s sustainability agenda through adopting an eco-friendly solution and cementing its commitment to reduce carbon emissions in order to support Bee’ah’s goal of improving air quality for the betterment of living standards in the UAE. This move is a testament to Bee’ah’s efforts in enhancing the quality of life and pioneering sustainable living in the UAE and the region.

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