Smart sustainability: How BEE’AH is evolving to Tesla trucks, clean energy and a space age HQ

Sharjah’s homegrown success BEE’AH is evolving for a new sustainable age by becoming a digitally-focussed sustainability company, with Tesla trucks and an AI-powered headquarters inspired from science fiction stories using the very latest in technology.

There is an old saying in the UK ‘where’s there’s muck, there’s brass’ a simple proverb that illustrates the economic value that can be extracted from the endeavour of keeping things clean, from streets to towns to cities and even nations.

It’s an industry that has always been vital to the running of any economy around the world, get it wrong and there are always consequences. But it’s an industry for all of its importance that has operated somewhat under the radar, after all in times gone by how often did you seriously discuss waste management (if not working in the field)?

But now there is a growing force in the world, a drumbeat that is getting louder as investors and boards finally begin to embrace sustainability, not just with lip service but with real-world action. Thus an industry that started with collection and cleaning and then evolved into recycling now finds itself more relevant than ever before.

Climate change patterns impacted by anthropogenic activities are likely have long-lasting effects on future generations. Preservation of air quality and prevention of its deterioration is hence imperative to the protection against threats posed by climate change, as well as protection of human health caused by noxious pollutants. We monitor the quality of air and help ensure air-emitting industries are meeting the established standards in accordance with national agendas and international protocols.

Our various air quality services include:
  • Sharjah’s Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  • Stack Emissions Monitoring
  • Emissions Dispersion Modeling
  • Carbon Foot Printing
  • Emission Inventories
  • Indoor and workspace Air Quality Monitoring
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