Tandeef invests over $20m in cleaning equipment

Tandeef, the waste collection, street cleaning and city beautification division of Bee’ah, has invested over $20m (Dhs75m) in new equipment and specialised fleet in street cleaning and waste collection.

H.E. Salim Bin Mohammed Al Owais, chairman of Bee’ah said: “Our goal at Bee’ah is to enhance the services of waste management and find ways to preserve the environment as a whole in UAE and the Emirate of Sharjah in particular. Tandeef plays a vital role in helping Bee’ah become the leading environmental management company in the region.”

The company will be adding $5.44m (AED 20m) worth of 1.1m3 blue and green bins to its residential recycling programme, in order to replace the remaining metal bins situated in Sharjah.

Earlier this year, Tandeef rolled out the Middle East’s first large-scale residential recycling programme with the introduction of 2,000 pairs of blue and green coloured 2.4m3 bins – blue for recyclables and green for general waste, to replace the single-stream municipal bins.

Other new equipment includes a multi-purpose cleaning and sweeping device. It is ideal for transportation and storage of equipment, while its front bumper has a moulded-on storage which provides a safe and easy access area for sweepers, litter pickers and other tools. Twin wheels on the front help make it easy to move around.

Tandeef has also placed orders on new sweepers, skip loaders, collection trucks, wood chippers, beach cleaners, street washers and boats for lagoon cleaning.

In addition to these, Tandeef now has automated bin collection and bin washing vehicles which are quieter and more efficient than the existing vehicles, ensuring higher efficiency and better collection operation.The latest bin washer vehicle can wash the new bins after each collection routine, to prevent any smell from left-over waste.

By the end of this year, Tandeef aims to start taking over sectors of the industrial areas of Sharjah, and completing the final handover stages from the Sharjah Municipality. This will allow the waste collection division to thoroughly collect all solid and industrial waste from these areas for processing at the Waste Management Centre.

“Following our success over the past two years, Tandeef has satisfied demand for comprehensive, cost effective, environmentally-sound and technically-reliable waste collection and city beautification solutions by collecting over 600,000 tonnes of non-hazardous municipal solid waste, from over 1,000,000 residents in Sharjah,” said Khaled Al Huraimel, CEO of Bee’ah.

“With our efforts, Tandeef will continue to make significant investments in the city and create new waste collection and street cleaning jobs in order to continue to deliver our commitment of quality and excellence in waste management services in Sharjah and beyond.”

In April 2011, Tandeef signed an agreement with the Sharjah Municipality to be the sole provider of waste collection and beautification solutions to the entire emirate of Sharjah for the next 15 years, and providing the community with clean roads and pavements as a free-of-cost service.

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