Dump-site Rehabilitation & Stabilization of Luluyah, Khorfokkan

The Luluyah dumpsite is in the northwestern region of Khorfokkan in Luluyah area. The Sharjah Government had decided to rehabilitate the site and promote development in the area. Upon the request of the Department of Public Works (DPW), BEEAH was contracted to evaluate the site, estimate the volume of waste at the dumpsite, and to carry out a waste composition study to find the nature and quantities of the dumped materials. BEEAH was also asked to develop a Site Clean-Up, Rehabilitation, and Stabilization Plan as per international environmental standards.

Investigation of the site’s landfill was carried out by BEEAH under the supervision of Department of Public Works (DPW) Sharjah. Furthermore, an exact inspection of the surface was undertaken with the installation of trial pits and trenches. Temperature at the surface of the site at different depth levels was also recorded and solid samples were analyzed.

The remediation plan included cleanup of existing site excavation, segregation, and removal of the waste, after appropriate processing of inert materials that would be backfilled on the same site. One major objective during the dumpsite rehabilitation was the excavation of the site, with the goal of reducing its volume through separation of materials into stable, unstable, inert and combustible components.