Physical & Chemical Evaluation Study of Khalid & Al Khan Lagoons, Sharjah

The Khalid and Al Khan lagoons are important features of Sharjah and iconic tourist attractions. BEEAH was appointed by Shurooq in June 2015 to undertake physical and chemical water quality studies of the Khalid & Al Khan Lagoons. The overall objectives of the study were to investigate and monitor water quality in Khalid Lagoon, and to propose & demonstrate the effectiveness of water quality preservation measures by numerical modelling, supported by hydrodynamics and water quality field data.

The extensive studies and evaluation carried out by BEEAH shed light on the predominant issues surrounding Khalid Lagoon, such as water circulation and renewal. Based on these findings, BEEAH has proposed a comprehensive action plan for water quality protection in Khalid Lagoon. The measures will be coupled with a scientific approach, to provide long-term sustainable preservation of the water quality.